About us

The very existence of Humanite is for revival of humanity among humankind by questioning where is humanity heading? obliviously in current scenario, humanity is replaced with hatred and selfishness and in turn resulted in huge gap between the Haves and Have Nots. Henceforth, as a society ‘Humanite’ strives to provide equal opportunities by bringing back the weaker sections and destitute to main stream for the betterment of lives because all cruelty springs from weakness

Humanite’s Tagline  ‘Giving Back to Society’


Giving back to society is in fact vague and misty in nature. There’s so much that we procure from society. There are so many strata of people who make up the whole population of a nation. But they are different from each other. Some are affluent and some are mere stragglers of survival. In our country, there are masses who don’t even have excess to basic day-to-day requirements. There are also people who have so much in excess, that the amounts if distributed, would solve many problems plaguing most areas around India.

Humanite’s Core Values

Humanite is secular organisation, independent of political parties and committed to the equality of opportunities for all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender or age and other social differences in its policy and programmes.


Humanite believes in partnering with those who are engaged in the process of empowering under privileged from state, market and civil society at local, national and international level

Accountability and Transparency:

Humanite is committed to adhering to organizational values, being fair, impartial and objective in decision making and demonstrating transparency and accountability in organizational behaviour to diverse stakeholders.

Work culture:

Humanite is dedicated to deliver high quality and clarity of organisational roles and objectives. Work culture in Humanite values excellence, quality and integrity, openness of learning, knowledge sharing and mutual support. Humanite values effective teamwork and collaboration when delivering professional services. We strive to attain the highest standards in all that we do, and we are committed to participatory decision making.